SFS – Marrow Donor Registry (SFSMDR)

SFS – Marrow Donor Registry (SFSMDR) was established in 2021, as part of the Civica Mobilitas project supported by the Swiss Embassy. The main goal of SFSMDR is to ensure the connection of people who are suffering from blood cancer or other blood disease that can be treated by stem cell transplantation, from people who voluntarily register as potential donors. For this purpose, SFSMDR educates the population about the possibility of directly saving someone’s life and contributes to increasing the number of registered and analyzed potential stem cell donors in our country.
Molecular tests, i.e. HLA typing of the material taken (cheek swab) from potential donors are done at Histogenetics, USA – an accredited laboratory for this type of tests. We have become a member of the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA). In 2022, we did an analysis of 500 samples of voluntary donors (from 18 to 55 years old) who heard about us through social networks, TV and at donation drives all over Macedonia at various events such as marathons, seminars and music events.
But for effective help to the sick, a larger number of stem cell donors is necessary (now it is 0.12% of the population in our country, and it should be at least 1%). The biggest cost for the successful functioning of SFSMDR is the molecular analysis (HLA – typing) for one person, which is 2500 denars, and the recruitment of one person in a donation drive is 600 denars, or a total of 3100 denars per donor.
We offer different sponsorship packages: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum sponsor. We undertake to include the logo and link to the sponsor for one year after the mutually signed Sponsorship Agreement.

One year sponsorship Bronze Sponsor Silver Sponsor Gold Sponsor Platinum Sponsor
Sponsorship in denars (for one year) 62.000,00 155.000,00 310.000,00 620.000,00
Coverage of molecular analysis for donors 20 50 100 200
Text of the sponsor with link in Marrow Donor Registry
Logo of the sponsor in the Marrow Donor Registry
Text of the sponsor with link in the Fondacioni Shkencor SPIROSKI





If you have any questions, require more information or have another sponsorship proposal that would be of use to us, contact on info@sfsmdr.mk, Tel. 0800 08888, or Tel. +389 71 212 233.