What we do

The purpose of the NFS – Marrow Donor Registry [NFS-MDR] is to introduce, maintain and improve the system in the nongovernmental sector that allows bone marrow and peripheral blood cell transplants from voluntary unrelated donors to patients with hematopoietic or other life-threatening diseases.

NFS-MDR plans to continuously fulfill the following four missions:

The first mission of NFS-MDR is to help understand the unrelated transplants in our country as an available life-saving treatment and to provide an appropriate donor for the largest possible number of patients, mainly by introducing, maintaining and expanding the register containing a sufficient number of HLA standardized donors. At the same time, NFS-MDR will develop the closest possible cooperation with marrow donation programs in other countries.

The second mission of NFS-MDR is to continuously develop procedures and standards that are optimal for both the donor and the patient. Regarding bone marrow donation issues, NFS-MDR will develop procedures and standards regarding bone marrow donor recruitment, bone marrow collection, and post-collection donor care. The above procedures must guarantee security, comfort, trust and anonymity as well as an overall good feeling for each donor. NFS-MDR will always strive to upgrade standards in line with the World Association of Marrow Donors (WMDA).

The third mission of NFS-MDR is to participate in research projects focused on the clinical results of transplantation with unrelated donors. Both retrospective and prospective studies will be supported to determine the clinical success of unrelated donor transplants, the optimal procedure for performing unrelated transplants, and the evaluation of the medical, psychological, and social effects of bone marrow collection on the donor as well as basic studies in the field of Transplant Genetics and Biology.

The fourth mission of NFS-MDR is to provide equal, direct, and fast access to the bone marrow donor database of all citizens of our country and abroad, where the need for unrelated bone marrow transplantation is individually resolved. Special attention will be paid to the elimination of financial barriers that may be encountered by patients in need of unrelated bone marrow transplantation.