Оur organization

The Macedonian Donor Registry Foundation (MKDR) was established on 03.02.2002 as part of the ICGEB project (CRP / MAC03-01) “AMBIGUITIES RESOLUTION OF HLA GENOTYPES IN MACEDONIAN POPULATION”. The Macedonian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (MBMDR) was established in 2010 jointly by the Institute of Immunobiology and Human Genetics (IIBHG – founded by Prof. Dr. Mirko Spiroski) and the Macedonian Donor Registry Foundation (MKDR – founded by Prof. Dr. Mirko Spiroski).

The division of labor was such that blood was taken by the IIBHG, DNA was isolated and typed, and the MKDR foundation created the Marrow Donor Registry, organized lectures, organized donation actions, and established international communications. After the retirement of prof. Dr. Mirko Spiroski in September, 2013, the functions performed by MKDR were revoked and to date the register functions only as a state bone marrow donation register of IIBHG (see: http://www.iibhg.ukim.edu.mk/mkbmdr/), without cooperation with the MKDR Foundation.

On July 30, 2018, the Macedonian Donor Registry Foundation (MKDR) expanded its activities and changed its name to the Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI. Most of the work of the foundation is publishing scientific journals, the most famous and extensive of which is the scientific journal Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences. Following the name change, activities began for establishing a nongovernmental Marrow Donor Registry (in addition to the existing state Bone Marrow Donor Registry of the IIBHG) as an additional potential for treating patients with blood cancer with marrow transplantations.