Donor actions 2023



One of the ways in which SFS – Marrow Donor Registry (SFSMDR) promotes its work, that is, raising the awareness of becoming a potential marrow donor, are precisely the donor actions. They are performed outside the registry offices in collaboration with other associations or individuals who want to assist in the process of recruiting new potential donors. At the donation actions, SFSMDR staff, along with volunteers, present the possibility of joining the registry, explain its functioning, and the possibility of saving someone’s life.

SFS-MDR and RACIO donor action

In cooperation with the Center for Educational and Cultural Development “Racio” on March 1, 2023 we held an educational session, on the topic: Understanding the need for young people from ethnic groups to register in stem cell registries. The educators were Dr. Emilia Andonoska, Molecular Biologist Ana Vucurevic and Dr. Guzim Braimi.
We thank the organizers of this event – the Center for Educational and Cultural Development “Racio” and the attendees who showed great interest in the topic we presented.

“Helsinki Committee for Human Rights” donor action

On April 11, 2023 a donor action was held in the premises of the “Helsinki Committee for Human Rights”. Employees of the organization showed their humanity by signing up as potential stem cell donors. Thank you for your support and interest in our activity.

“AOK Zlatovrv” donor action

This year, for the second time, we were got together with our friends from AOK Zlatovrv.
From May 12-14, 2023, the Scientific foundation SPIROSKI participated in the “Krusevo Trail challenge” event, where it was once more a sponsor of the children’s race. A donor action was carried out through which we explained to the attendees what stem cell donation actually is.
The organization and camaraderie were excellent despite the unfavorable weather conditions and we hope to cooperate again.

“Aero Club Prilep” Donor action

On 26.05.2023 in the premises of the Aero Club Prilep in the village Malo Konjari, we held an educational session on the topic “From a buccal swab to saving a life.” We thank the members of Aero Club Prilep, Extreme Sports Club – Skyriders Prilep and Center for Research, Education and Development Policies “Edures” – Prilep for their commitment to help in our life-saving mission.

16 September- World Marrow Donor Day

Every year on 16 September, the world celebrates the world marrow donor day. On that occasion, this year we had our own stand at MKC. The stand and the promotion of our registry were part of a larger event accompanied by a blood donation action from the Institute of Transfusion Medicine of the Republic of North Macedonia, a charity party for Leo, representatives from civil society organizations, good music and friendships. We thank the organizers for allowing us to be part of the event. We will continue to mark the World Marrow Donor Day because they save many lives with their selfless donation. This highest act of humanity deserves far greater honors.

“SOMA Shtip” Donor action

Together with the student association SOMA – Shtip, we organized a lecture for students from the university in Shtip. The lecture was held by Prof. Dr. Mirko Spiroski and we discussed about registering as a donor, taking samples and processing them and the possibility of one day appearing as a suitable donor and concessions for donating stem cells. The lecture was attended by a large number of students and they had the opportunity to learn about our activity and register in the SFS registry.
We thank the organizers from the SOMA association and Prof. Dr. Todor Arsov.

Donation days - "Your Stem Cells are calling you" 27.10.2023, Skopje

On October 27, 2023, Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI, with the support of the CONNECT association, organized an event as part of Donation Days at Marvel Cafe. At this event, funds were donated for the purposes of the stem cell donor registry and attendees registered as potential donors.