Marko’s parents Maja and Mitko Tashevi from Kavadarci are appealing for more potential bone marrow donors to help their son Marko who needs stem cell transplant


June 23, 2022

Marko is a 1-year old boy who suffers from an immune-related condition which requires treatment with bone marrow transplant. The parents are making every effort to secure a comfortable and safe childhood for Marko, but are facing many challenges related to his condition, including frequent hospital visits and stays. Given no one in his family is a compatible donor, Marko relies on the good will of strangers to overcome the immune-related condition which puts his life at risk. 

Marko’s mom Maja says: “Our road is very convoluted and full of challenges. Marko is very young and his immune system attacks his intestines which interferes with his development. Sometimes he has additional symptoms and infections. But, we are willing to fight this battle and are considering all available options to find a solution for Mako. So, we invite everyone who is willing to become a member of the SFS – Marrow Donor Registry.” 

The search though the International bone marrow registries did not identify a compatible donor either, so the hope is that this and other similar initiatives will increase the chances of identifying a compatible donor for Marko, but also for other citizens of our country (and internationally) who are in this situation. The test for compatibility is performed by taking a buccal swab. You can take the swab yourself, or one of the SFS –Marrow Donor Registry can help you.

Marko, his parents and his family and all of us in the SFS –Marrow Donor Registry would like to thank you for your willingness to become a member of the international family of potential stem cell donors.

Donate marrow. Donate life!

Financial donation

Financial donation through our web site

You can make a financial donation using our website in the form of a one-time gift of 625 MKD used to cover the cost of the buccal swab kit, one-time gift of 3100 MKD used to cover the costs associated with organizing bone marrow donation events, or one-time gift of 6200 MKD used towards the HLA-DNA genotyping cost.

You can make your financial donation here!

Financial donation using the donor numbers from mobile operators

You can donate for a gift of 100 MKD used towards covering the cost of our free phone number 08000 8888. Telekom subscribers of can make the donation using the donors phone number 143 404, and А1 subscribers can make the donation 143 550 using the donors phone number.

Financial donation through eCrowd

You can make a financial donation using the eCrowd platform. The donations can range from 100 to 6000 MKD per day.

You can make your financial donation through eCrowd here!