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The Statute of the Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI is attached to the Central Registry on the date of establishment of the foundation (03.02.2002) and on the date of the name change (30.07.2018).


SFSMDR: Expert meeting “Marrow Donor registries in the non-governmental sector”, Saturday 22.01.2022


A video from the virtual expert meeting organized by the Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI, on the topic: “Marrow Donor registries in the NGO sector” (lecturer: Prof. Dr. Mirko Spiroski), which was held through the ZOOM platform on Saturday, January 22, 2022, with live broadcast via YouTube and support from: Association of Citizens Macedonian Medical Student Association – MMSA, Student Organized Medical Association SOMA and the Association for Assistance and Support of Patients with Hematological Diseases and their carers HEMA.

SFSMDR: Genetic Sampling Kit for marrow analysis


SFS- Marrow Donor Registry Sampling Kit for DNA analysis.

Applicants receive a kit by mail, take 4 samples of cheek swabs and send them free of charge by mail to SFS – Marrow Donor Registry.

SFSMDR: World Marrow Donor Day – 2021 (press conference)


Today (September 18, 2021) we celebrate World Marrow Donor Day. This holiday is dedicated to all unrelated donors, family donors and umbilical cord blood donors to thank them for saving the lives of patients with malignant blood diseases. The World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) organizes the celebration of this day every year through coordination, appropriate materials and instructions for the celebration of this day. This year WMDA has prepared a 24-hour live broadcast on the YouTube platform with addresses from donor registries around the world. From our country, this year the Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI joined the broadcast with the video “THANK YOU DONOR”.

SFSMDR: Thank You Donor, 2021


Official addressing of the employees of Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI- Marrow Donor Registry, our partners Macedonian Medical Student Association Skopje and Student Organized Medical Organization Stip, as well as the ambassadors of SFS – Marrow Donor Registry.

SFSMDR: How to be a stem cell donor


We have translated, modified and prepared a Macedonian, English and Albanian version of this wonderful film originally prepared by our friends at Anthony Nolan, to show how marrow donations work and what to expect.

MKDR- Macedonian Donor Registry


The Macedonian Donor Registry was established in cooperation with the Institute for Immunobiology and Human Genetics (IIBHG) and the Macedonian Donor Registry Foundation (MKDR) in 2012. Blood samples were taken at the IIBHG, DNA was isolated and HLA-DNA was genotyped, and donation actions, international data storage and search for potential donors were performed at the MKDR Foundation.

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