Donor actions 2022



One of the ways in which SFS – Marrow Donor Registry (SFSMDR) promotes its work, that is, raising the awareness of becoming a potential marrow donor, are precisely the donor actions. They are performed outside the registry offices in collaboration with other associations or individuals who want to assist in the process of recruiting new potential donors. At the donation actions, SFSMDR staff, along with volunteers, present the possibility of joining the registry, explain its functioning, and the possibility of saving someone’s life.

Donor action in Krushevo, May 27-29, 2022

The first donor action was performed in Krushevo. As part of the Krushevo Trail Challenge which took place from 27th to 29th of May. Organization was in the hands of “Orienteering Club ZLATOVRV”. At the international outdoor sport event, participants had the opportunity to compete in four races, three for adults and one for children, all in the vicinity of Krushevo. Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI was sponsor of the children’s race.
We are honored to be part of this event and to have the opportunity to support the sport and motivate the youngest to continue to nurture the sports spirit.
We congratulate the organizers for the successful organization, we congratulate all the participants in the races, and we thank the new potential donors for their humane gesture.

Donor action in "Timot A" Center for Early Intervention and Stimulation of Children and Adults, Skopje, June 5, 2022

The second donation action was conducted in “Timot A” center for early intervention and stimulation of children and adults. The employees of “Timot A” decided to apply as potential donors and once again show their humanity.

Thank you and we wish you countless more success stories.

Donor acton at the beach "Orevche", Ohrid, June 10, 2022

The third donation campaign was held on June 10the on the beach “Orevche” in Ohrid. Despite the bad weather, the attendees showed great interest in our work and gladly joined as potential donors. We thank the organizers of the event and hope for further good cooperation.

Donor action of the "21st Seminar on Quality, Control, Informatics and Protection in Medical Laboratory Diagnostics", Ohrid, June 16-19, 2022

In the period from 16th to 19th June in Ohrid was held “21st seminar on quality, control, informatics and protection in medical laboratory diagnostics”, organized by the Macedonian Laboratory Association. Dr. Emilija Andonoska, an employee of SFSMDR at the seminar presented the topic “WITH A BUCCAL SWAB TO DONATING LIFE”. The fourth donation campaign was also held. Attendees had the opportunity to get acquainted with the methods of work of our registry, and to exchange ideas and experiences with professors from many countries.

Donor action at the Skopje marathon (Wizz Air marathon), Skopje, October 2, 2022

On 02.10.2022 we performed a donor action at the Skopje Marathon. We had our own stand at “Zhena Borec” park. Advertising material was distributed between the marathon participants and the audience.

Donation action in the association of Macedonian citizens "Konekt", Skopje November 11, 2022

The employees of “Konekt” showed interest to give their support and register as potential stem cell donors. On 11.11.2022 a donor action was carried out and samples were taken with buccal swabs.